ROKSTEDi Ellk Hunt


Janner’s Early Rifle Elk Hunt


After 15 days of searching prior to opening day we found a big old bull elk that Janner wanted to hunt. The bull we dubbed as “NINJA” was located mid morning & we snuck into 260 yards before Janner hammered him w/ a .300PRC built by Arrowhead Rifles & a ROKSTEDi P234 Bipod.

P234 Bipod Overview (height, weight & design intent)

ROKSTEDi setting NEW bipod standards

The P234 is our standard bipod model & comes in at a max height of 34″.  The P234 hunting bipod is an amazing 18.5 ounces despite having 7 inches more of over all height on most bipods.  Designed to be a stable, versatile & a light shooting platform for hunters looking for a better bipod solution.


Check out more details & specs on the P234 Hunting Bipod

Prone-to-Seated Bipod Weight Comparison

ROKSTEDi Bipod Weight (& Height) Compared to Industry Bipods


Industry standards for prone-to-seated bipods are typically 13-27″ in height.   The ROKSTEDi bipods are designed for hunting in the mountains therefore the heights & vertical travel far exceed that of the industry standards.  With that in mind, it’s amazing that the ROKSTEDi bipods are the lightest prone-to-seated bipods on the market.

We did not set out to build the lightest bipods in the industry, we just wanted to make the ROKSTEDi bipods light.

P234 5-34″ 17.5oz

P242 5-42″ 18.3oz