How & where it’s made matters.

We design our bipods & attachments specifically for hunting & shooting sports. We manufacture these products & assemble them “In-House”.  This process enables us to make these products at the highest quality level & specifically for the purposes they are marketed for.

ROKSTEDi bipods & attachments are Made in the USA!


We are not to required disclose the list below but we choose to be transparent with our customers:

  • Bipods are designed & assembled in-house
  • Raw aluminum is from USA & machined in-house
  • Bipod hardware is all USA made
  • Anodizing is outsourced to USA companies
  • Carbon fiber tubes are sourced from Asia manufacture

RKSTD branded clothing is currently globally sourced & then “White Labeled”. With that said, our hats are patched by a USA company & our shirts are screen printed by a USA company.

Key Product Manufacturing Terms & what you need to know:

White Labeled Product- generic made product that is sold in an open market & then branded or marketed as a brand’s product.

Pro’s-to-customer:  cheapest 

Con’s-to-customer: generic function, product quality, can be faked into paying higher price based on how the brand markets the product

Private Labeled Product- generic made product that’s exclusively licensed by one brand.

Pro’s-to-customer: cheaper product, sold exclusively by a specific brand

Con’s-to-customer: generic function, product quality, may pay higher price for product that’s not much different from the competition’s

Contract Manufactured Product- brand designs the product & outsources the manufacturing

Pro’s-to-customer:  product designed with specific functional use,  Price-to-Value ratio, brand warranty usually better

Con’s-to-customer:  product often sourced to unknown companies & may lack quality control 

In-House Manufactured Product- brand designs, manufactures & markets the product as it’s own

Pro’s-to-customer:  product can be made to the highest of quality, brand warranty usually the best on the market

Con’sto-the customer: speed of production is slow in the beginning

Building a quality product is the #1 reason why we chose our manufacturing process but here is #1A:

The hunting & shooting sports industries are quiet possibly some of the most discriminated against industries in the world.  With out these industries we do not have wildlife or freedom, which means we do not have a business.  We believe in being transparent & sharing our process because it’s the RIGHT THING TO DO.

ROKSTEDi Warranty is one of the best!