First Video of testing the Bipod

I know we haven’t put out an update on the bipod in quiet some time, in fact we are definitely behind schedule but I want to reassure you we are making progress.  Here is some proof; a short edited video clip of me testing a prototype version of the bipod on a typical western coyote calling stand.

Recently, I was able to let a client use the bipod for 2 days while I guided him on a predator hunt.  It was interesting to see someone else use the prototype bipod you started from just an idea; I was super proud but also making mental notes.  After a weekend of letting someone else use the bipod I had a short list of design & function changes that I sent to the engineer.   He’s already working on the CAD drawings & we will be building another prototype based on these changes.

Being honest, I was a bit naive as to how long the process of getting to a finished bipod would take.  I am not going to settle for a bipod (or any other product) that doesn’t live up to my own needs & expectations.  My goal is for us to make the absolute best all around hunting bipod for guys like me (a western big game & predator hunter).  We will keep updating you through the process & I am extremely driven to get this thing to market by this summer!!!  #getRokStedi  

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