Building a hunting bipod

Over the past several years I found myself in a unique position of guiding both big game & predator hunts. Interacting with 40+ clients each year generally leads to a hunting gear discussion prior to every hunt.

What clothes should I wear?

What caliber of rifle?

How much ammo?


Many of the answers to their gear questions typically had several quality options, except when it came to what rifle bipod they should get? This conversation always was a long winded answer that NEVER seemed satisfactory.

I hunt both big game & predators, which influences how I look at products when I am buying them or recommend them. So, when it came to a hunting bipod I kept waiting for one to hit the market that would allow me & my clients to sit side slope & get to the prone position quickly. I wanted the bipod to be light weight, detachable, durable & quiet; but it had to do all of this without sacrificing it’s stability.

After waiting years & just being frustrated with what came to the market, I finally decided to start the process of creating one for myself…

Initial overall concept drawing February 2018

We successfully designed & built a proof of concept prototype in March. Having an actually real version of a product you desperately want to create was a huge hurdle to jump over, even if it was a basic version. We are currently creating the working prototypes & we are expecting them to be finished by the first of June.

Thanks for reading!

Craig Steele