Deploying the Rok-Stedi BIpod

3rd Bipod Prototype Update

I was hoping to do these updates via Youtube, IGTV & Facebook video, but because of my schedule I am restricted to blogging/social media posts about the process of building the bipod.  With that said, I wanted to make sure I share this process because I believe in what we are doing.  I also want you guys to know that these are quality products that are built for you.

Sitting Side Slope
Sitting side slope testing the 3rd prototype bipod.

I just had my hands on the 3rd bipod prototype (2nd working prototype) for about 13 days.  We had to redesign the horizontal functions of the bipod, which took longer than we expected but it was worth it!  Jolly Innovations got the horizontal & vertical functions of the bipod working unreal with this new design.  These functions, especially the horizontal functions, were the biggest hold up in the process because of the extreme ranges I wanted the bipod to have.

Side slope siting deployment
Sitting side slope is a position where many bipods fall short.

This bipod prototype was the first one with leg extensions which was one of the biggest reasons I wanted to create a hunting bipod.  Sitting on side slopes during hunting situations are a very common shooting scenario.   In order for me to sit in a side slope position a bipod must put my rifle bore 25-42″ from the ground.  These heights will vary based on the shooters height & the angle of the slope. 

Uphill Prone Shots
Uphill prone shots are where most prone bipods fall short.
Prone wide profile
The bipod in a wide profile prone position.

I just sent the prototype back to Jolly Innovations with some notes & adjustments to be made.  Josh is going to make these changes & adjustments then send the bipod back to me.  Hopefully by the middle of next month I will be able to get my hands on it again.  I will then test it for a few weeks & then we will make adjustments if necessary.

What I have found through this whole process is that it takes time to get things from an idea to an actual working product.  Ideas are crap; doing the work is what matters!