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Best Big Game Hunting Bipod P226, P234 or P242?

Most of us (serious hunters) put many hours into preparing for our western big game hunts. During this process we are putting numerous shots down range while shooting from a comfortable flat prone position. After all the preparation we have our dope, load & personal effective range burned into our skulls as we set out to make history.

The reality hits you in the face as you reach the base of the brushy hill & the buck of a lifetime steps out. He’s only 489 yards which is a chip shot from the prone position. Unfortunately, you can’t get prone & he’s seconds from walking into the thick juniper tree line. You scramble to get your tripod from your pack for a stable platform but it takes you longer than anticipated. You finally get all three legs evenly deployed but the buck disappears into the thicket. You are disgusted at this missed opportunity because you know shots like this can many times be what it comes down to when hunting western big game.  You then decide it’s time for a versatile, functional & light western hunting bipod.

Prone-to-seated hunting bipod versatility.
Mike in a prone position on his late muzzleloader bull elk hunt.

Helping you decide which ROKSTEDi prone-to-seated bipod suits you best for your western big game hunting adventures.

Your height is going to dictate a large percentage of your bipod choice. Just like clothes, it’s not a one size fits all choice because for every inch in hunter height difference a bipod height from the seated/kneeling position will need to be adjusted ½”. For example, a 5’ 8” hunter taking a shot from a seated position on flat ground may have his bipod set at 24”, while a 6’ 5” hunter in the same position will be at 28.5”. This is simply a fact & it’s a big reason why we started ROKSTEDi.

Another factor to take into account would be the terrain where you are hunting. Typically, the steeper the inclination of a mountain or hill, the taller your bipod height must be. Keep in mind, your bipod feet are generally 2-2.5’ from your butt when you are in a seated position. For decades the traditional max height on seated bipods was only 26”.   This height works for many hunters on flat ground, but if you are seated with just +2 degree of side hill inclination your bipod height will need to be taller. This scenario is often overlooked by western big game hunters because they simply don’t practice enough from a seated or kneeling position while in varying terrain.

Vegetaiton & Hill inclination
Ground vegetation & hill inclination forced him to shoot from a seated position.

Ground vegetation can also be a big factor in choosing your bipod.  If you have ever hunted pronghorn or mule deer in sage brush flats, you know the struggles of not having a bipod tall enough to allow you to shoot up over the brush from a kneeling position.  You might be thinking you can use your tripod & you most certainly can.  But the reality is tripods are heavy, take more time to set up & they are not hands free like a bipod. We aren’t against shooting from a tripod, in fact we love shooting from them but this tool doesn’t match this application.

ROKSTEDi prone-to-seated bipods are designed with the intent to allow serious big game hunters to get into comfortable prone positions while maximizing the over all heights for shooting from seated/kneeling positions.  Much of our recommendations with regards to a prone-to-seated bipod model is based on your height as well as the terrain you typically hunt. A couple minor influences in our suggestions would be your prefrence in the bipod weight & stowed length.  If you are a serious hunter standing at or under 6’ tall we would recommend the P226 or P234 hunting bipods. If you desire a little extra bipod height you should definitely go with the P234. If you want a lighter & shorter stowed bipod you may want the P226.

Prone-to-seated Bipod
This rutting giant bull elk walked to within 120 yards of Jennifer before she put him down from a seated position.

Now, if you are at or above 6’ tall you need to decide between the P234 & P242. The P234 is lighter & has a shorter stow length. By old standards, both of these bipods are considered tall hunting bipods. In our opinion, the P234 is the NEW standard bipod height while the P242 is truly a tall hunting bipod. With that stated, if you are over 6’6” we definitely recommend the P242.